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Fitness for Duty

From the desk of Dr. Stalberg:

Fitness for Duty Evaluation Services:
We provide pre-screening and event-triggered evaluations of personnel regarding fitness for duty based on established psychiatric and legal standards and fairness to all parties involved. Evaluations will be used to:
— Identify crucial issues
— Understand causes/origins of problems
— Provide innovative solutions/remedies
— Prevent recurrences
— Avoid protracted disputes and litigation

Fitness for Duty Services provided to:
— Schools and district administrators 
— Attorneys, arbitrators and judges
— Corporate HR departments
— Employee assistance programs
— Ethics committees 
— Hospital and medical practices
— Health care administrators
— Risk management assessors
— Insurance companies
— Managed care services
— Utilization review organizations
— Law enforcement/corrections
— Professional associations

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The Working Brain, The Challenged Mind:

When Is Mental Health Vulnerable to Working Conditions

Most Workers Compensation claims involve a physical injury, usually orthopedic. When the injury is to the back, neck, or extremities, mental consequences may follow, such as anxiety or depression. Often the body (“soma”) has problems that combine with the mind (“psyche”) resulting in a so-called “psychosomatic illness.” As a matter of law employers are obligated to provide treatment for such conditions.

The Manual for Permanent Disability Ratings acknowledges that psychiatric injuries are about one-and one-half times more disabling than injuries to most other body parts, such as musculoskeletal, internal, neurologic, etc. The State of California correctly recognizes that injuries to the psyche are the most disabling.

Many workplace environments are emotionally challenging. Pressure to perform and achieve goals may create circumstances whereby some individuals have trouble thinking straight. This may harm their productivity or diminish their capacity to solve problems or work well with others, and may even lead to an accident. Click here to read more...


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NOTICE: In the state of California, employers and/or their insurers have an obligation to investigate the veracity of an injured worker’s claim. Workers applying for Workers Comp also have the right to hire an attorney and acquire medical evidence to support their claim. The parties may agree on a Medical Evaluator to ascertain the veracity and potential damage involved.